How is tissue paper manufactured?

Answer According to the Office of Industrial Technologies at the U.S. Department of Energy, tissue paper has traditionally been made from a mix of different types of waste papers. Some of this is recycled... Read More »

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Is tissue paper the same as toilet paper?

Toilet paper is one type of tissue paper. Visit for anything paper

Is tissue paper the same as crepe paper?

Tissue paper is a thin, translucent paper. Crepe paper is tissue paper that has been coated with a form of sizing and then accordion folded to give it more stability. It often is fire resistant. Cr... Read More »

Why does my dog eat tissue paper?

Dogs are very curious animals, and since they don't have hands to explore with, they use their mouths. They chew to investigate things, sometimes out of boredom, but most dogs go through this phase... Read More »

Can you iron tissue paper?

Craft tissue paper can be ironed to eliminate wrinkles or creases, although care must be used to ensure the paper does not burn or get ripped by the iron. Placing the tissue paper between two sheet... Read More »