How is this desktop for $654.53?

Answer Sounds good to me. The processor in that computer is a beast, the memory of 3GB is excellent, the hard drive space is huge, and the graphics card is top quality. BUY IT.

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Is it good to buy all in one desktop pc or ordinary desktop I heard that all in one desktop has issues?

Get a normal desktop. All-In-Ones tend to be like giant laptops - you can't upgrade them. In fact, you void the warranty on some of them if you open them up.... even if you're just cleaning dust.... Read More »

How much will this desktop go for?

It's hard to answer questions like this one, especially when you haven't stated what operating system you have (i'm guessing Windows 7) and the full model number of your graphics card, what network... Read More »

Is this a good gaming desktop?

Yes I have bought almost 5 computers from them because I run a gaming companySo ue they are btw the computer I got was 30000 each

What happened to this desktop?

Those "beeps" will tell you what is wrong: