How is this be warned its happening ?

Answer Good information,thanks.Just another note to add to the dustbin and security,check and shred any envelopes with a bar code.Check inside the envelope as well, bar codes are hidden and these contain ... Read More »

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Corrie Spoiler be warned what do you think?

Yeah I read that this morning as well. I know soaps are supposed to be true to life and raise awareness of all issues that we go through....but does this storyline really need to come so soon afte... Read More »

Who warned about Civil War if slavery wasn't abolished?

George Mason, a delegate from Virginia at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, warned about Civil War if slavery wasn't abolished, according to the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of La... Read More »

Has any of you ever been warned by an employer about improving your personal hygiene?

Uh.. no. I'm tempted to make this into a joke, but I think you should also know that, unless we're talking about a hygiene issue that impairs you or fellow co-workers from fulfilling the job descri... Read More »

If a new transformer is installed for a neighbourhood, will it need to be warned up for up to 12hrs b4 use?

Depends entirely on the size of the transformer.Some of the larger ones like Megatron and Optimus Prime can take the full 12 hours to warm up.But smaller ones like Bumble-Bee should be operational ... Read More »