What are the names of the kids on My Wife and Kids?

Answer Michael Jr (referred to as "Junior") Claire Kady

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Who is Vanessa on My Wife& Kids?

Vanessa Scott, played by Meagan Good (2003) and Brooklyn Sudano (2003 to 2005), is Junior's girlfriend in the television series "My Wife and Kids." Introduced in Season 3, the first five episodes h... Read More »

Would you let your ex wife take your kids overseas?

It depends on your relationship with your ex-wife. Do you trust her? It depends what she is going to do overseas. If she is going on holiday, there is probably no reason to stop her. If she is g... Read More »

Wife hits kids, what should I do?

You have to do whatever is best for you and the childs safety. Whether that means divorce or her seeing a therapist or something like that, you have to stop this. Thats abuse and she could be charg... Read More »

You and your wife are separated now she won't let you see the kids. What should you do?

You have a right to see the kids. The proper way out of this is to defuse the rage and frustration she feels, by a long slow process of talking and talking. It will mean that you have to deal with... Read More »