How is the value of my vehicle donation determined?

Answer Determining the value of your tax deduction for a vehicle donation is not as simple as looking up the fair market value. You must take into consideration how the charity used the vehicle.Instant Au... Read More »

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How is the value of my car donation determined?

You can determine the fair market value of your car donation by examining a variety of factors including the car's condition and features and your location. After determining its value based on a v... Read More »

Is a vehicle donation tax deductable?

Contributing a vehicle to a charity not only represents a kind gesture, but it can also serve as a tax deduction for you, if the organization receiving the donation meets certain standards. The IRS... Read More »

How do i calculate the tax deduction for a vehicle donation?

Find out how whether the charity will sell your vehicle to raise money, or whether it will use the vehicle to accomplish the charity's mission.Use the fair market value of the car if the charity wi... Read More »

How long does the vehicle donation process take?

The Donate a Car 2 Charity website states the organization will pick up a donated car within "a few days". By law, the organization must provide you paperwork stating the value of your donation for... Read More »