How is the value of my car donation determined?

Answer You can determine the fair market value of your car donation by examining a variety of factors including the car's condition and features and your location. After determining its value based on a v... Read More »

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How is the value of my vehicle donation determined?

Determining the value of your tax deduction for a vehicle donation is not as simple as looking up the fair market value. You must take into consideration how the charity used the vehicle.Instant Au... Read More »

If a biological father is not determined and the child is adopted by another man through the court can paternity be determined at 6 years of age and would the biological father have any rights left?

Answer By Canadian Law if the mother of the child purposely did not contact the biological father and she married and her husband adopted the child and the biological father found out then yes, he... Read More »

How are HOA fee's determined?

Association fees are established every year -- usually, based on last year's expenses. Once the budget is finalized, owners receive details about the new assessment amount, which owners are require... Read More »

How to Be Determined?

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