How is the sound of a tuba musical instrument produced?

Answer The bass sound of a tuba is produced by the player buzzing his lips in the mouthpiece. As a tuba mouthpiece is much larger than those on other brass instruments, it requires a more relaxed embouchu... Read More »

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How is sound produced on a string instrument?

According to the Cafe Muse website, stringed instruments make sounds when the instrument's player causes the strings to vibrate. With guitars, the player plucks the strings to create vibrations. Th... Read More »

Which musical instrument(s) do you love the sound of?

GuitarBassDrumsOrgan (Especially Pipe and B3)Piano SynthMellotronViolinViolaYour Welcome :D

What musical instrument is known as an axe?

“Axe” is a slang term for an electric guitar, especially one with an angular shape. The term may have derived from the practice of smashing guitars with an axe-like motion at the end of rock co... Read More »

For those that do not play a musical instrument.?

Saxaphone and trumpet just to recreate the sounds of the 40's and the great players of the time