How is the sleep mode setup for the TV by dish network?

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I have Dish Network and the tech who came to my house hooked it up through video mode versus TV because of a bad picture in the TV.When your TV comes on in video mode how do you hook up a Wii also?

The toll free telephone number to call is 1-800-823-4929 from anywhere in the Continental USA.

Sleep mode = network disconnect?

"Sleep mode: Revolutionary power state that switches off network modems, peripherals and screening devices to maximize power savings and lower power consumption while needing a quick boot back up w... Read More »

What dish network codes do you use to setup remote?

If you want to know what channel WWE Raw is on it is channel 105 for dish network also known as the USA channel

How do you do pip mode on a dish network remote?

To enter PIP mode from your remote, you will first need to put the receiver into Single Mode. You can do this by pressing the mode button on the front of the receiver. Once you are in Single Mode, ... Read More »