How is the size of a tv screen figured out?

Answer It is measured, in inches, from opposite corners, i.e. top left to bottom right.

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What size are full figured models?

The size requirements of a full-figured model range from size 10 to 16. Height requirements are 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet tall. The perfect plus-sized model is 5 feet 10 inches tall and wears a siz... Read More »

What is the best television to buy, a L C D screen or a plasma screen . Size will be 37 or 42 inch?

I think the Plasma TVs are terrible and they don't hold up (after 2 years they need service).I have an LCD and it is awesome. I highly recommend the LCD.

What is the normal screen size of a video projection screen?

No normal video projection screen size exists, although screens in the 100- to 110-inch range serve most home theaters, according to Cinema Source technicians. Projector aspect ratio---16:9 standar... Read More »

Can a dvd for wide screen be played on any size tv screen?

According to Amanda Pollard of Crutchfield Corporation, widescreen images will play on any TV. If a widescreen DVD is played on a TV with a 4:3 ratio, the image will appear to be smashed horizontal... Read More »