How is the service and quality of AT&T U-verse cable and internet?

Answer I just switched to U-Verse from Comcast and and quite pleased with the HD picture and channel selection. I opted for the 6 mb Internet, and it's plenty fast enough. The system does seem to bog do... Read More »

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When was the first cable Internet service?

The first use of cable Internet was in 1993 in Provo, Utah. The test was conducted by Tele-Communications, Inc., and used Zenith Electronics' HomeWorks cable modem. The speed of connection was abou... Read More »

Can you have Internet service without cable or telephone?

Yes, you can have Internet service without cable or telephone, according to the Federal Communications Commission. One way is through Wi-Fi, which uses a radio link to connect a computer to a servi... Read More »

How do I request Cable internet service in my area?

Ask the aliens...they know all the answers in your area!

Does HDMI cable quality makes any difference in picture quality?

Wow. Some truly uninformed answers here. First, when speaking of HDMI (or any digital cable for that matter), cable quality DOES NOT make a difference in picture quality. As long as a digital si... Read More »