How is the queen bee chosen from the colony?

Answer Chosen by her peers in the larval stage, the queen bee lays up to 20,000 eggs a day and outlives generations of worker and drone bees in the hive. The selection of a queen bee is a natural phenomen... Read More »

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How are queen bees chosen?

People never see the queen bee. She lives her entire life within the confines of the beehive. Bees within the hive select the female that will become the queen.SignificanceThe queen bee is the only... Read More »

How many queen ants can be in an ant colony?

Some ant species, such as odorous house ants, pharaoh ants, fire ants and carpenter ants, can have one queen or multiple queens. Others, such acrobat ants, pavement ants, larger yellow ants and fie... Read More »

What does a queen leafcutter ant eat when she is making a new colony?

The queen leaf-cutter ant must take a piece of fungus from her birth colony and store it in a pouch in her abdomen. After mating, the queen digs a tunnel where she lays eggs and starts a fungus gar... Read More »

What would a queen leafcutter ant use as a food source for a new colony?

The Queen flies off to found a new colony and takes a scrap of leaf with fungi on it with her. However, she does not eat this but instead lives off of her reserves of fat and wing muscles.Reference... Read More »