How is the price of a stock determined?

Answer Investors purchase stocks to generate wealth. Identifying the drivers behind share price performance is critical to improve your returns. Recognize distinct trading patterns before formulating your... Read More »

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How is gold's spot price determined?

The "spot price" of gold is the amount you would pay to obtain gold right now. Somewhat paradoxically, the spot price of gold is determined by how much people are willing to pay for gold in the fut... Read More »

How Is the Fair Market Value of Stock Determined?

A stock's fair market value is the price at which it would change hands in a trade in which neither party is compelled to participate and both have equal access to information about the stock. Dete... Read More »

What is the common stock price for IBM?

IBM's stock price fluctuates during each trading day. During April of 2010, the stock price was between $116.00 and $132.28. Over the 52-week period ending in May 2010, it was between $99.50 and $1... Read More »

What determines a stock price?

A stock prices reflects supply and demand. There is a bid and ask price. A bid is what someone is willing to pay for it and ask is what someones willing to sell it for. When you see the ticker on C... Read More »