How is the metal bronze made?

Answer Bronze is an alloy, a combination of metals, of tin, aluminum, iron, nickel, lead and zinc. The alloys are melted together in crucibles or furnaces to create metals that can be cast, extruded and s... Read More »

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Which metal rusts faster: copper, bronze or steel?

According to Ted Mooney of, an online resource about the finishing industry, steel will rust the fastest because copper and bronze cannot rust. Rust, or iron oxide, is a corrosion tha... Read More »

Can anyone give a review of HP Pavilion DV6 Series DV6-6016TX (Bronze Metal)!!!?

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What kind of alloy is bronze made from?

Until 3500 BC, bronze was an alloy of copper and arsenic that eventually fell out of favor due to the numerous fatalities associated with the release of arsenic as the alloy was heated. Modern bron... Read More »

Who made the bronze statue of david?

"David," the famous bronze statue, was made by the sculptor Donatello during the 1440s. It is an important work of early Renaissance art and was the first free- standing bronze nude in the Christi... Read More »