How is the linden seed dispersed?

Answer They are usually dispersed by the wind.

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How is tulip fruit or seed dispersed?

The seed is dispersed by wind and the fruit is dispersed by animal.

How are seeds dispersed from plants?

Seeds are a plant's genetic legacy. Plants can't physically care for their offspring, so nature takes steps to ensure that they are protected and dispersed for their best chance at survival.Benefit... Read More »

How Are Impatiens Seeds Dispersed?

Impatiens, a popular colorful garden flower, disperses its seeds by "exploding" mature seed pods, sending seeds several feet in all direction. The process, known as "explosive dehiscence," gives th... Read More »

How are poppy seeds dispersed?

Poppy seeds are dispersed by the interaction of the wind or passing animals with the plant. This is a method of self dispersal.Formation of the Seed HeadPoppies reproduce by creating seeds in a see... Read More »