How is the eye color determined?

Answer Green, blue, brown, hazel or any color between--the color of your eyes is determined by the pairing of genes from both parents. Currently, three genes have been identified to be the determining fac... Read More »

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How Is Hair Color Determined?

Art is one of the classes that is seen as expendable in favor of more core educational classes like math, science and reading. It is important for teachers to integrate art into these core classes,... Read More »

How Color is Determined in English Pointers?

English pointers were bred in England around 1650 as hunting dogs or gun dogs. They were recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1884. The AKC has standards for all recognized purebred dogs... Read More »

If a biological father is not determined and the child is adopted by another man through the court can paternity be determined at 6 years of age and would the biological father have any rights left?

Answer By Canadian Law if the mother of the child purposely did not contact the biological father and she married and her husband adopted the child and the biological father found out then yes, he... Read More »

How to Be Determined?

Determined people tend to get what they want out of life. Are you ready to turn your life around for the better? Well read on.