How is the dash used?

Answer Using correct punctuation can make the difference between a good piece of writing and a great piece of writing. Choosing when to use higher-level punctuation, like a dash, requires an awareness of ... Read More »

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When is a dash used in writing?

A dash is used in writing to add extra emphasis or to indicate an unexpected shift. The dash may be used to set off a clause that appears in the middle of a sentence. The dash also may be used to d... Read More »

When is a dash used in a sentence?

A dash in a sentence emphasizes a point, introduces a change of thought, or appears before and after a series separated by commas in a sentence. When introducing a statement or afterthought, giving... Read More »

How Do I Remove the Dash Cluster From a Mazda 626 to Replace the Dash Bulbs?

As your 626 ages, so do numerous components within it, including the vehicle's lighting. Each of the light bulbs, as well as the ones in the dash cluster, are designed to burn for a specific amount... Read More »

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