How is the current situations in US about adoptions?

Answer the child is in cps custody and is telling everyone that they don't want to return to the abuse in the adoptive home and wants to live with their biological mother does the twelve year old have rig... Read More »

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How do you feel about concurrent adoptions?

Great points.What so many people just don't realise - is that adopting IS NOT THE SAME as having bio kids.Adoptees are often in need of much more attention that your average bio kid.Much more.Sadly... Read More »

About how many adoptions take place in the US each year?

it depends ifyou currently have custody of your grandchildren already. if you do then you must go through an adoptiion. otherwise most states wont grant fulll custody. grandparents used to have wha... Read More »

Can I warn you about a current Scam?

I've been getting these kinda email's for years even when filtered.Detection of fake emails is extremely easy, perhapes the easiest of anythign else yet the most common scams can get even the most ... Read More »

How to you feel about the current Wikipedia blacked-out ?

I think its a great way to get a message across. SOPA and PIPA have no right top censor, This is America, not Soviet Russia.