How is the baby protected inside a mothers body?

Answer before the baby is born it floats in amniotic fluid which contains nutrients and protects the baby from the inside. it allows the baby to move around so its muscles and bones can develop properly

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What does a baby need inside its mothers tummy?

food, it also needs amniotic fluid to protect it. xx

What are the causes why baby die inside the mothers womb?

Does a four month baby stamp its feet inside the mothers tummy?

You can start feel the fetus move at 4 months but I wouldn't call it stamping.

Is the baby protected in the womans body?

More or less, yes. But only if the woman is healthy and eats good meals, doesn't smoke (no drugs), or drink alcholal. Or if she doesn't get sereusly hurt, then the baby will be fine. So yes the bab... Read More »