How is the baby protected in the womb?

Answer The amniotic fluid protects the baby from infections and hard hits.

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Can you tell if the baby is autistic before it was born. ie. While the baby is still in the mother's womb?

No, this shows in the child's behavior when the child is a bit older.

Can a baby have a baby while it's still in the womb?

How do you get rid of the baby inside the womb?

The fetus will only leave the womb through an abortion, a miscarriage, or birth. If you want to "get rid of the baby," then abortion is an option. It is something you should talk to your doctor abo... Read More »

How long is a baby in the womb?

The average human pregnancy lasts 40 weeks--38 weeks after fertilization occurs or 40 weeks after the date of the last menstrual period. Although the fetus is not carried for the full 40 weeks, ges... Read More »