How is the French horn built?

Answer The French horn is a brass instrument that was based on the curved type of hunting horn or ceremonial horn used in Medieval and Renaissance France. The French horn as a purely orchestral instrument... Read More »

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Why is the French horn called the French horn?

Leader of the brass section, the French horn bears both a distinctive sound and shape. Widely used, the French horn has evolved since its meager beginnings as a simple horn made from animals.Histor... Read More »

How to Play the French Horn?

The horn is among the most difficult of the standard orchestral wind instruments to play. Proficiency is obtained only through dedicated practice and perseverance. However, the reward of beautifull... Read More »

How to Warm up on French Horn?

So, You've got your French horn... and you need to warm up. There are many different ways and exercises. Here are just a few.

How to Bathe a French Horn?

It may seem simple, but these are delicate instruments and it's easy to get wrong! Little mistakes can cause huge problems and be massively expensive to fix, so it's best to avoid the mistakes in t... Read More »