How is the Catholic Bible different from the Protestant Bible?

Answer The Catholic Bible is larger than the Protestant Bible, primarily because Martin Luther excluded several books in his 1534 translation.The ApocryphaThe Catholic Bible includes several books that we... Read More »

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Why does the Protestant Bible have seven less books than the Catholic Bible?

The Catholic and Protestant Bibles are held by both denominations as the true and inspired Word of God. However, the reason why these versions have a different number of official books in their pre... Read More »

Why is the Catholic Bible different from the Protestant Bible?

The Catholic Bible differs from the Protestant Bible because reformer Martin Luther chose to exclude several books from his highly influential 1534 translation of the Bible. With the Council of Tr... Read More »

Protestant Bible Colleges?

Bible colleges primarily train people who want to become leaders within a congregation or work as religious educators. Many Bible colleges are fully accredited and offer general education classes,... Read More »

How is the Catholic Bible different?

The Catholic Bible is different from the Jewish Bible (known as "Tanakh" or Old Testament) because it, like other Christian Bibles, also includes the New Testament. It differs from other Christian... Read More »