How is the CPU speed measured?

Answer One way to measure the power of a central processing unit chip is by its clock speed. This tells you how many cycles per seconds (or hertz) that it processes. A gigahertz represents a billion cycle... Read More »

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How is cpu speed measured?

CPU speed, sometimes called processor speed, is a measure of how fast the "heart" of the computer works. The easiest way to measure CPU speed is by looking at the clock speed, but there are a numbe... Read More »

What is processor speed measured in?

The brain, heart and soul of a computer is the microprocessor. This little device controls every aspect within the PC. Advancements in technology have pushed the microprocessor to go faster and fas... Read More »

How is Internet speed measured?

Internet speed is measured in kilobits or megabits per second. A typical reference to internet speed would say "download speeds of 5,500 kbs." This refers to a speed of 5,500 kilobits per second. I... Read More »

How is processor speed measured?

You have to look at overall performance benchmarks since Intel's and AMD's cores are different. For example, an Intel quad like the Core i5 3570K @ 3.4 ghz will destroy an AMD FX 4100 at the same ... Read More »