How is the CPU held on the motherboard?

Answer The central processing unit (CPU) is the brains of a computer, and it makes all its connections to other components through the motherboard. CPUs can be connected to motherboards in various ways.So... Read More »

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What 810E motherboard is compatible with an Intel class motherboard?

The 810 chipset is made by Intel, making every 810 and 810E motherboard an Intel-class board. This chipset supports a range of Pentium III and Celeron processors with such features as embedded aud... Read More »

My motherboard can only support 2GB RAM - Do I need a new motherboard if I want to add more RAM?

I remember the old ASRock Dual-VSTA motherboard. It had a limit of 2GB and ASRock had a beta BIOS that allowed it to use 4GB. If your manufacturer has not (and chances are that they haven't becau... Read More »

How to Act when Held at Gunpoint?

If you've ever been robbed at gunpoint, you know what it's like, how they steal your money, your property, and your dignity. You know you could have been killed easily if you said one thing wrong, ... Read More »

Where was the first Labor Day held?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, New York City, New York, celebrated the first Labor Day on September 5, 1882. The origins of Labor Day remain in debate, but most signs point to Central L... Read More »