How is the BBC run structured and organized?

Answer the spangler.i loved the tune so got it on single!

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How can I get organized and stay organized?

there is a web site called, it has totaly helped me be more organized and walks you through it with baby steps. good luck

What are structured settlements?

Structured settlements work around the problems that are inherent to large, lump-sum payments. It essentially entails a payment plan in which money is awarded periodically to the winner of a person... Read More »

How are CPA firms structured in the USA?

Public accounting firms employ certified public accountants (CPAs) who perform various accounting functions for clients. These firms are part of the professional service industry in the United Stat... Read More »

What is structured debt?

Structured debt is a complex topic dealing with consumer and corporate debt, debt securities and financial derivatives under which the terms of a debt instrument are tailored to the needs of the le... Read More »