How is the Army National Guard different than the Army?

Answer The U.S. Army National Guard is different from the U.S. Army in several ways. The National Guard has an established state mission whereas the federal military does not. This adds a different recrui... Read More »

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What is the Army National Guard?

One of three components of the Army, along with active-duty members and the Army Reserve, the Army National Guard is composed mostly of civilians who serve one weekend per month and two weeks in th... Read More »

Is the army national guard and the Florida national guard the same?

Each state has a military bureau, which is ultimately responsible for that state's respective National Guard units when they're not under federal activation. The National Guard consists of two ser... Read More »

Is the state national guard the same as the army national guard?

The state National Guard and the United States National Guard are one in the same, with the only variances being the authority they were activated under (state or federal). Not all National Guard p... Read More »

Does Army National Guard have C12 aircraft?