How to Find the Square Root of a Number That Is Rounded to the Nearest Number?

Answer The square root is based on the idea of a number divided by a number that will equal itself. A number times itself is also called the the square. The square root is an important math concept that h... Read More »

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What numbers do i put before a phone number so that i can withhold my number from them?

*67!!here are all the codes for you!!

Why is it that when someone calls, and you call the number back, it says the number is no longer in service?

Right, they're changing (or adding their own) Calling Line ID (CLI). I think the law was changed to say that they're (telemarketers, etc) supposed to have something there, they are putting somethi... Read More »

I lost my sim card then i have locked that mobile number, can anyone get the same phone number as i had?

ya its is possible the mobile number can recycle and came for fresh people after a certain period

How to Find the Smallest Number That a Number Is Divisible By?

All numbers are divisible by themselves and 1. Some numbers -- called prime numbers -- are only divisible by themselves and 1. Other numbers -- called composite numbers -- have other factors. You c... Read More »