How is that image effect called?

Answer It's basically as stated...a zoomed-in effect where the smaller image is magnified.Create a Zoomed In Effect in Photoshop:… Read More »

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How to Add a Wind Effect to an Image?

Wind EffectYou have an image like car or anything and you want to add a wind effect to it, then follow these steps to get your windy image.

How to Make a Glow Effect on an Image in Photoshop?

One of the most powerful uses of the Adobe Photoshop software is to add in special effects that are not possible to capture in real life. While achieving a glowing effect on an image usually requir... Read More »

How do you do the wikipedia effect when it shows an image and then some information in the bottom?

If there is an infobox template available for what you want to do, that is great. If there is not, then simply do this....[[Image:FileName.jpg|thumb|right|300px…and that and the other]]

What is the image called that is attached to a web address?

The small image displayed on the left side of the address bar when you visit a website is a "favorite icon", "favicon" or "shortcut icon". The icon is contained in a file called "favicon.ico", whic... Read More »