How is that Wikipedia deals with crap posted on it?

Answer there is crap everywhere, wikipedia is just like yahoo answers, yahoo dont log in and make sure all questions and answers are right. they let you get on with it.Wikipedia and yahoo answers are onl... Read More »

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How does wikipedia not get flooded indefinitely with spam and random crap?

I'm going to type a lot. If you want an in depth explanation, you can read the lengthy piece I've wrote below. If you want a quick explanation, you can just read my summary:Wikipedia is constantly ... Read More »

Wikipedia full of crap?

No. Wikipedia is mostly a collection of resources from respectable sources outside of Wikipedia. The common claim that since anyone can edit it, it is full of crap is not based in reality. Yes, ... Read More »

What's your favourite movie that deals with how people cope with a tragedy/ major event?

Did you think of this question 'cause you watched Rabbit Hole? :POne that immediately came to mind when I read this, though was 'Crash'. It's not the conventional story about how people deal with l... Read More »

Teamwork That Deals With Business Communication?

Teamwork activities are a common employee training tool in business. Owners and managers will separate employees into groups and put them through a series of tasks where working as a team is essent... Read More »