How is specific gravity measured?

Answer Specific gravity is a comparison between the density of a substance and the density of a reference material. For gases, the reference is standard dry air while the reference for solids and liquids ... Read More »

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Specific Gravity Vs. API Gravity of Hydraulic Oil?

Specific gravity and API gravity are both measurements of density. They both can be used to measure the gravity of a fluid, such as hydraulic oil, in the same way that miles or kilometers can both ... Read More »

Specific Gravity Experiments?

To determine the specific gravity of an object you must know its volume and its mass. With regularly shaped objects, you can measure the dimensions and calculate the volume, but with irregularly sh... Read More »

What is the specific gravity of oil?

Specific gravity is the physical property of a substance that compares its heaviness to the heaviness of water. Specific gravity is the same in both the metric and English system.Specific Gravity v... Read More »

How to Compute Specific Gravity?

Obtaining the specific gravity of a substance is fortunately not a dense calculation. Specific gravity is the relation of a substance's density to the density of water. The specific gravity tells y... Read More »