How is sound produced on brass instruments?

Answer Musicians make musical sounds on all brass instruments in a similar manner, even though the instruments are of different sizes and configurations. The sound is an oscillating air flow controlled by... Read More »

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How do brass instruments make sound?

Sound is produced when an object vibrates and creates waves in the air. Instruments are classified by how they create those vibrations. Brass instruments, for example, have their own unique way of ... Read More »

How is sound produced in percussion instruments?

Percussion instruments are classified academically into two groups. There are idiophones, instruments which produce sound when shaken, struck or plucked. There are also membranophones, which are in... Read More »

How Are Brass Cartridges Produced?

A brass cartridge is the largest part of ammunition. It holds the powder and the bullet, along with a primer in its end that is called the "rim." The rim is part of the "head," which leads to the "... Read More »

How do brass instruments work?

Brass instruments create their distinctively noble sounds through the combination of a metal mouthpiece, tubular valves or slides, and the player's own ear for pitch.DefinitionA brass instrument us... Read More »