How is sound made on digital camera?

Answer Roughly 6 photos. Get a memory card.

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Which digital video camera has the best rating for sound quality?

Wize has the canon vixia s100 listed at close to 100 for best quality sound. If you check question answer sites, they will give you low to high range, per their opinions on the cameras. I can tell ... Read More »

When i have filmed a video on my digital camera the put it on my computer, how can i get sound on it (the vid?

Video File w/o AUDIOmake sure format is mpeg2 not mpeg4,it will lose audio in wmm. You will see video,but not hear audio when you play on wmp.Otherwise, In your control pannel have you muted your ... Read More »

When u record a video on a digital camera how do u hear sound?

Check the camera for a visible mic. If not chances are that it doesn't record sound. I have a Finepix (dunno the model number) and it doesn't record sound with the video's. But just check the video... Read More »

How to shut off the shutter sound in canon digital camera?

Several years ago, a large batch of defective Sony CCD imagers were installed in cameras from many vendors, including Canon. This occurred over the space of a couple years, and involved literally ... Read More »