How is soil formed from compost?

Answer Answer Think of soil as a mixture of materials, some of them living (fungi and bacteria) and some of them non-living (minerals, water, dead plant/animal material). Although a geologist could give a... Read More »

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How Is Clay Soil Formed?

Clay soil is the epitome of the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." If you asked a gardener's feelings about clay, they would likely be directly opposite of what a pottery enthusia... Read More »

How to Compost Sandy Soil?

Sandy soil is a challenge to gardeners. Comprising large, loose particles, it bonds together poorly, is nutrient deficient, and has poor water retention. Adding compost to the soil alleviates the p... Read More »

How do I add compost to amend soil?

Preparing the SoilLoosen up the soil in your garden or yard using a shovel or rototiller. Choose a shovel if the yard is small, a rototiller if the yard is large. If the ground is hard packed, wate... Read More »

How do I add compost to soil in the backyard?

Choose a compost product that has a fine-makeup for easy raking. Spread the compost around your backyard with a shovel or a rake. Rake the compost throughout your backyard into a thin layer that is... Read More »