How is soap made?

Answer The most basic kind of soap is made from some things that may surprised you: namely, lye and animal fat! The two are heated together, and then cooled. The process is called "saponification," and... Read More »

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What Is Glycerin Soap Made Of?

Glycerin is a natural product that develops during the soap-making process. Sometimes glycerin is separated and used on its own; other times it remains in the original soap. Does ... Read More »

What is Dawn soap made of?

Dawn soap contains chemicals that clean and create suds called anionic and nonionic surfactants, and there are stabilizing agents to keep the mixture from separating in Dawn soap. It also has ethyl... Read More »

What is sugar soap made of?

Sugar soap is made of sodium carbonate and sodium phosphate, and sometimes sodium silicate. It is extremely abrasive and powerful. It looks like table sugar, which is where its name derives.Referen... Read More »

What is borax soap made of?