How is silk screening done?

Answer Also known as screen printing and serigraphy, silk screening is a process of applying an image or artwork through a mesh screen (traditionally silk, as the name implies) onto the material desired, ... Read More »

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Is It Possible to Redo Silk Screening?

It is pretty much impossible to redo silk screening if the project has already been completed. The silk screening process involves using a stencil to create a design on a screen of silk by forcing... Read More »

How to Remove Silk Screening?

Silk screening, technically referred to as screen printing, is a method of printing that uses a screen to apply ink to a variety of surfaces, or substrates. The ink used depends on several factors,... Read More »

Who invented silk screening?

The modern day silk screen stems from the invention of Samuel Simon. In 1807, Simon took out a patent for the technique in Manchester, United Kingdom. Using hand-painted stencils, his system was su... Read More »

When did silk screening start?

Modern silk screening is believed to have been started by Samuel Simon from Manchester, who patented the technology around 1900. A man from San Francisco named John Pilsworth is credited for taking... Read More »