How is sex on tv harmful to children?

Answer It tells them more about "it" then they need to know at their current age. Eg. "Teaches Them"

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Is tv harmful for children all the time?

No but it does depend on what show they are watching Incorrect. TV is harmful not only for children but for EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME. It cannot be changed. It can only be eliminated. Television LEND... Read More »

Are hot tubs harmful to children?

On One Hand: Children May Be Tall EnoughIf children can stand in the middle of the hot tub with their heads above water level, they are technically tall enough to use the tub. Their heads should ne... Read More »

Is asbestos mastic harmful to children?

Asbestos containing mastic can be harful to children if inhaled or digested.Because of its strength and resistance to heat, asbestos was used for insulation, heat resistant clothing, roofing and fi... Read More »

Are Beauty Pageants Harmful for Children?

Child beauty pageants, once primarily a U.S. phenomenon but now common worldwide, are a controversial topic for many people -- particularly since the death of child beauty queen John Benet Ramsey ... Read More »