How is salami made?

Answer Salami is an Italian sausage, served cold and sliced. Often served in the United States as a sandwich meat, there are many varieties of salami made in Italy, all meant to be enjoyed with bread and ... Read More »

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Is salami made of pig butt?

Yes, some salami is made with pig butt. Recipes at and list pork butt as an ingredient when making salami. According to The Free Dictionary, salami is made from a beef an... Read More »

How to Peel Salami?

Salami is a meat that already has been processed, cooked and wrapped in a collagen casing that allows just enough moisture to get to the meat to keep it soft. The casing is edible but is hard to ch... Read More »

Can salami be frozen?

Soft salami can be frozen for up to two months. Hard salami can be frozen indefinitely, but is best if used within three months. Defrost each in the refrigerator prior to use. Soft salami can be r... Read More »

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