How is safety glass made?

Answer There are a couple of types of glass that are heavily used when safety is a concern, such as in car windows. The types are laminated glass and tempered glass.Laminated GlassLaminated glass is made ... Read More »

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How to Cut Safety Glass?

Throughout parts of the 20th century, car windows were mostly made of safety glass. Safety glass shatters upon impact instead of breaking into large pieces like regular glass. In a car accident, it... Read More »

How do I cut safety glass?

Mark the Safety GlassMake a template out of paper or cardboard, representing the cut line. Place the template on the glass. Trace the template with a felt-tip marker to make a cut line. Flip over t... Read More »

What Is Laminated Safety Glass?

Laminated safety glass consists of two or more sheets of glass bonded together under heat and pressure with a transparent flexible plastic called polyvinyl butyral, according to Whe... Read More »

Who invented safety glass?

French chemist Edouard Benedictus accidentally invented safety glass in 1903 when he dropped a glass flask containing remnants of a cellulose nitrate mixture. The glass broke but the fragments rema... Read More »