How is reckless driving in Virginia classified in the Virginia law?

Answer Reckless driving in Virginia is considered a felony or misdemeanor resulting in a ticket and a fine. Virginia state law describes various types of reckless driving and the consequences for violatin... Read More »

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Is reckless driving a felony in virginia?

Normally, Virginia considers reckless driving a class one misdemeanor--the most serious in the state, according to Sris Lawyer. However, reckless driving can turn into a felony if it causes a fatal... Read More »

Guilty of reckless driving do you need high risk insurance in Virginia?

Answer What exactly is "high risk" insurance? Reckless driving is considered a serious violation by most companies. Every company has their own underwriting guidelines. Some companies specialize... Read More »

Is passing on a double line in Virginia considered reckless driving?

Crossing double lines in Virginia is against the law, but it doesn't qualify as reckless driving. Instead, this transgression falls under an improper passing violation and results in a three-point ... Read More »

Reckless driving for failed safety inspection in va...driving with bad brakes?

So you knowingly drove with faulty brakes?What do you call that if not reckless disregard for your safety, any passengers and the local pedestrians simply because YOU needed to do something.