How is rabies contracted?

Answer According to the Centers for Disease Control the number of rabies-related deaths in the United States has declined from more than 100 per year around 1900 to one or two per year in the 1990s. Even ... Read More »

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How HPV is contracted?

HPV infection, or human papillomavirus, is one of approximately 100 varieties of HPV. An HPV infection can be contracted through a cut or abrasion in the skin and skin-to-skin contact. HPV infectio... Read More »

How is heartworm contracted?

Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal condition caused by a species of roundworms that attacks dogs, cats and other animals. The heartworm requires several stages and hosts to advance through it... Read More »

Could I have contracted hepatitis c?

And I'll bet the guy behind the counter posted a question asking if he could've gotten HIV from YOU."Could I have contracted hepatitis c?" -- What made you focus on HCV specifically? Why that on... Read More »

Can a Contracted Employee Be Fired?

Hiring an employee under a contract is an effective way to lock in your key employees and prevent them from leaving the company to work for the competition. Just because an employee is under contra... Read More »