How is rabies classified?

Answer Rabies is a fatal yet preventable infectious disease that is transmitted from one mammal to another through contact with infected saliva or neural tissue. Rabies is classified as a lyssavirus, a b... Read More »

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Can photography be classified as art?

Yes... in my opinion Certainly. Many photographers are honored for their artistic views of the world and the people and events in it. Fine arts schools teach photography. Photography is broad and c... Read More »

How Are Rocks Classified?

Just as biologists classify living things into kingdoms, families and classes, geologists classify rocks into groups based upon common features. Knowing how a rock is classified can tell you much a... Read More »

How Are Coral Reefs Classified?

Those colorful coral reefs, home to over 25 percent of the world's marine fish, are found in shallow warm water off the shores of Australia, Jamaica and other places along the equator. Even though ... Read More »

My car is classified as a gross polluter..?

If an 03 Nissan is a "gross polluter", what do you suppose my '88 GMC is? Oh yeah, MINE and loving it!Answer: sell it in aother state? One that doesn't do as stringent emissions testing?