How is rabies classified?

Answer Rabies is a fatal yet preventable infectious disease that is transmitted from one mammal to another through contact with infected saliva or neural tissue. Rabies is classified as a lyssavirus, a b... Read More »

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What are galaxies classified by?

The galaxy classification system that astronomer Edwin Hubble designed focuses on galaxy shape: spiral -- flattened disk with spiral arms, barred spiral -- spiral with a bar of stars across the dis... Read More »

What is Gastritis classified under?

it's an inflammation of the stomach. It's a disease yes.

What are tomatoes classified as?

this simple question has three answers:1- the standard definition that is used by all ppl in all the world is: a fruit is sweet and vegetable is a plant product that is not sweet = so here u find t... Read More »

How Are Rocks Classified?

Just as biologists classify living things into kingdoms, families and classes, geologists classify rocks into groups based upon common features. Knowing how a rock is classified can tell you much a... Read More »