How is possible that you can eat a 2lb box of chocolates...and gain...?

Answer well it must be those radioactive self-reproducing chocolates i keep hearing about on CNN. You see you eat them, and they immediately go to the butt and thighs, then they get comfy and start to div... Read More »

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Is it possible for a father that has a history of abuse and a felony on his record to gain any type of custody?

Answer if its taken to court and the mother has a clean record she will most likely get custody of the child and if the father does not pay child support he has no rights at all..(im going though t... Read More »

Is it possible to gain weight in the first weeks of pregnancy?

On One Hand: Weight Gain Can Occur Early in PregnancyMany expectant mothers suffer from swelling throughout pregnancy. Weight gain during the early weeks of pregnancy may be caused by fluid retenti... Read More »

Is it possible to gain muscle weight within 2 weeks?

You will gain some muscle, but you'd be losing excess bod fat at the same time, and that should show as net weight loss on the scale.It's not the scale you need to down, esp at any price.You need t... Read More »

How much pounds do you think is possible to gain in a weeki'm curious.?