How is pmi insurance figured on a house payment?

Answer Private mortgage insurance, abbreviated PMI, is a charge lenders impose on mortgages with low down payments. Typically, if you cannot pay at least 20 percent of the home's price as a down payment, ... Read More »

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Is the price of house figured by bedrooms or square footage?

In Southwest Florida we generally start with the square footage of a home to determine the price, that is then adjusted by the age, the quality of the construction and the number of bedrooms, bathr... Read More »

Can an auto insurance policy be cancelled if the insurance company deposited payment in full?

Answer from a General Agent Yes they can. But they will have to refund any unearned premium to you. Each state has it's own regulations that determine how and when the Insurance Company can cancel ... Read More »

If your insurance gets cancelled for non-payment can you get insurance with another company or do you need to pay the outstanding balance first?

Answer Is there really an outstanding balance? Did the company give you insurance beyond any grace period for some sort of promise-to-pay? If not, there should be nothing owed to the old company,... Read More »

Are health care providers obligated to accept payment from a secondary insurance at their fee schedule when the provider does not participate with the the patient's primary insurance?

Answer It has been my experience that providers of health care are not obligated to accept secondary or even primary insurnace coverages if they are not under contract with that insurance company... Read More »