Are plastic plants made of pete plastic?

Answer Plastic, or artificial, plants are indeed made of pete (polyethylene) plastic, specifically the foliage of the plant. Other materials like wire and fabric are also used in the creation of plastic p... Read More »

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How is a plastic chair made?

Three primary methods are used to make a plastic chair: rotational molding, injection molding, and gas assisted injection molding. Each type of molding yields different results.Rotational MoldingRo... Read More »

Can kefir be made in a plastic container?

Kefir, a fermented dairy product similar to buttermilk, can be made in either plastic or glass containers, but metal kitchenware must not be used. Kefir grains play a key role in the fermentation p... Read More »

What Are Plastic Plates Made Of?

Chances are we've all eaten off of a plastic plate at one time or another. They come in literally hundreds of styles; from casual everyday plates to fancier ones for special occasions. Plastic is t... Read More »

What are plastic bags made of?

Plastic bags are made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material made from oil, according to the University of Florida Extension Program. The first plastic bags were made of an organ... Read More »