How is plagiarism detected?

Answer Plagiarism is the act of stealing another person's thoughts or ideas and passing them off as your own. There are a number of ways plagiarism is detected.Online ProgramsWith the use of programs such... Read More »

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How can plagiarism be detected?

With the volume of information published on the Internet, plagiarism is a growing concern. Plagiarism is a professional and ethical issue, and it can be detected using a number of different methods... Read More »

How do I check for plagiarism with online plagiarism detection software?

Copyscape PremiumVisit the Copyscape Premium website, then click the "Sign Up" message on the right side of the window. Fill in your information, then log in with your user-name and password at the... Read More »

How can you spy on iPhone 4 without being detected?

Can Webwatcher be detected?

WebWatcher is a program that follows users throughout their Internet searches and marks hyperlinks that it thinks might be wanted by the user based on internet history and can be used to spy. XoftS... Read More »