Is blonde spelt with an e?

Answer That's a very good question.I've always spelt it with the e though.

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How to Use Spelt Flour?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find an appropriate alternative to wheat flour, as many other substitutes just don’t seem to hold up to its properties. Spelt flour, however, has been used for ce... Read More »

Tips on Planting Spelt?

Spelt grain is a sub-species of wheat and has similar uses. High-fiber pastry, bread and cake recipes call for spelt flour both in Europe and the United States as a substitute for wheat. Ohio has t... Read More »

What is spelt flour made from?

Spelt flour is made from kernels of the grain of the spelt plant. Spelt is a cousin to wheat and has been cultivated in the Middle East for just as long, from at least 5000 B.C. according to archae... Read More »

Is spelt flour good?

On One Hand: Spelt Is A Healthy FlourSpelt is a flour that is manufactured without wheat. It is higher in protein than wheat flour, lower in calories, high in vitamin B and a good source of protein... Read More »