How is pepper spray used to make an arrest?

Answer The powerful self-defense weapon oleoresin capsicum, better known as pepper spray, is a useful non-lethal weapon used by police to assist with arrests. Police employ it in a variety of scenarios to... Read More »

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What ICD-9 code is used for pepper spray?

ICD-9 Code 372.06 is the code that denotes Acute chemical conjuctivitis due to pepper spray. Pepper spray is used as a defense item and is sprayed at an attacker.Source:IDC-9 Codes:Acute chemical c... Read More »

How to Make Pepper Spray?

Ever been in one of those situations where you need to defend yourself? Here is a defence that gives you a big advantage, that you can make at home!

How to Make Pepper Spray at Home?

Pepper spray was created to be used as a self-defense tool. When you spray the pepper spray in someone's eyes, it burns and they cannot see. This gives you time to escape a dangerous situation. Pe... Read More »

How to Make a Chilli Pepper Garden Spray?

Chilli pepper spray is suitable removing such garden pests as caterpillars, ants and spiders.