How is paprika grown?

Answer nto enough light and try checking the water you have to water them alot for it to grow properly not enough light can be a problem but if you are using 400 watts or above you should be getting enoug... Read More »

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What is the nutritional difference between hydroponically grown wheatgrass and tray grown in soil?

There have been over 3,800 nutrients identified in living foods and likely many more that we still know nothing about. Interestingly, there are no tests for any food product that go into this level... Read More »

How are conventionally grown foods different from organically grown food?

The addition of modern chemicals. They have chemicals to keep bugs away, to keep the food from smelling, frm keeping the food going bad, to keep the food polished, and only conventionally grown fo... Read More »

What is sweet paprika?

Paprika is a spice derived from a variety of dried red pepper. It's particularly popular in Hungarian and Spanish cuisines. Paprika varies in its level of spicy heat; the mildest varieties are know... Read More »

What is hot Hungarian paprika?

Known for its pungent flavor, hot Hungarian paprika is a traditional spice that gives kick to any dish. It provides a stark contrast to the sweeter, milder versions of the spice.IdentificationPapri... Read More »