How is ozone produced in the stratosphere?

Answer Ozone is formed by processes referred to as Chapman Reactions, which cause oxygen molecules to react with ultraviolet light. During production of ozone, oxygen atoms absorb ultraviolet radiation, p... Read More »

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Is Mt. Everest in the stratosphere?

Mt. Everest peaks at 29,035 feet. It does touch the stratosphere. In fact, Mt. Everest is so high that it's in the jet stream, which can hammer the mountain with winds approaching 180 miles per hou... Read More »

Can airplanes fly in the stratosphere?

Airplanes are generally not allowed to fly into the stratosphere nor are they capable because of the thinness of the air, according to Weather Questions. Some special planes, such as a U-2, can fly... Read More »

Why do planes fly in the stratosphere?

Beginning from six to 11 miles above the earth is a layer of the atmosphere called the stratosphere. In this layer the air temperatures, pressures and humidity are all much lower than in the tropos... Read More »

How thick is the stratosphere?

The stratosphere is an important barrier of static air that protects the earth from solar energy and acts as a boundary with the troposphere. It is made up of heated air approximately 15 miles to 2... Read More »