How is overtime calculated?

Answer According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employers that allow employees to work overtime hours must pay them overtime wages. Generally, hours worked in excess of 40 are paid at the employee's ove... Read More »

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How Is Overtime Calculated for Hourly Employees?

Employers compensate employees using several different pay structures. Some employees receive a salary providing the same compensation amount for a week or a month regardless of the actual number o... Read More »


10 cents per text message.25 cents per picture/video message.Also, not sure if you're aware, any message you send and receive counts against the 250. So basically you can send 125 messages and rece... Read More »

VA Overtime Laws?

Every working person in Virginia and throughout the country wants to be paid the correct amount of money he or she has earned. This is especially true when a person is working overtime and the addi... Read More »

How to Get out of Working Overtime?

Working overtime is not only an annoyance, taking over your day and letting work take over your life, but a health hazard as well. A superfluous diet of work has been proven to lead increases in bl... Read More »