How is organic sugar made?

Answer The process of making organic sugar is similar to that of producing conventional varieties, except that all ingredients and equipment used must be pesticide- and chemical-free. While other sugars c... Read More »

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Difference Between Organic Sugar & White Sugar?

Organic sugar is cultivated from sugar cane or sugar beets not treated with pesticides. It is manufactured with minimal additives. Manufacturers use chemicals to bleach the color and filter out imp... Read More »

Is organic sugar refined?

Organic sugar is not refined. In fact, it is about half as processed as the white sugar more commonly used. Organic sugar comes from cane juice that has been evaporated, and is a healthier alternat... Read More »

Is organic sugar vegan?

Organic sugar is better for the environment, because it reduces harmful practices, such as pesticide use and crop burning. However, organic sugar is not necessarily vegan. The process of refining c... Read More »

Is sugar an organic molecule?

Sugar is an organic molecule. Organic molecules include substances that have a carbon base and are made from living things. Sugar is made from plants and has a chemical composition of 12 carbon ato... Read More »